Vision, Mission, and Products

The Cambodian-German Friendship Association (KDF) is an association of former Cambodian people who studied, learned or lived in Germany. The association was established by a group of people who wish to maintain networks, contacts and relationship among themselves and with Germany for better learning and cooperation. The participatory process of association formation started in July 2012, and it was officially registered with the Ministry of Interior on 4th April 2013.


Cambodian society achieves sustainable development, contributed by competent human resources.


To facilitate exchange of relevant information, knowledge, experiences, culture, and technology in order to push forward development, make use of members’ profession as well as promote Cambodian-German relationship


1. Facilitate exchange and sharing of relevant information to members
2. Facilitate socio-economic, cultural relationships between Cambodia-Germany and other countries
3. Facilitate further capacity development for members
4. Provide platform for members to utilize potentials to contribute to Cambodia’s development